Implementing new technology and ways of working has never been more important to financial sector businesses. Not only are your clients more demanding than ever, but in order to remain profitable, constant innovation of your processes and services is vital.

Whether it’s the implementation of regulations like PSD2 and GDPR or the move towards client-driven communication, your customers demand more transparent organisations that can advise and offer services beyond traditional banking — all delivered under the umbrella of data security.

At VASSIT, we’ll help you take advantage of technologies like automation and robotic assistance to reduce the time and cost of your operations and provide a superior customer experience to your clients.

But we go further. Most of your customers are willing to share personal data in exchange for a better banking experience, and it’s what you do with this data that counts. We’ll help you combine relational and transactional data into a single tool and offer the value and experience your clients now expect.

Some in the financial sector see the birth of “client intelligence” as a risk; we think differently. We’ll give you the tools to turn the latest developments into an opportunity for your business to set itself apart and offer your clients exactly what they need.