Improvement of the employee management process. Integration project between Oracle Siebel CRM and the Bank's HR System (TIM), for the complete and effective management of the HR Area.


Colpatria received and managed employee news: vacations, absences, incorporations, dismissals, etc. The existence of different non-integrated systems and their interaction with different areas caused a total desynchronization of information among areas.


Under a “Turnkey” project scheme, and providing a comprehensive response, a solution that integrates the CRM and the Bank’s Human Resources system to achieve a complete and effective management of the employees’ news was developed.

With a multidisciplinary team formed by four professionals, a complex project is carried out which  managed to automate the process of notifying changes in the Colpatria template   in only 3 months , thus reducing human interaction and, as a result, eliminating the error rate and increasing the department’s efficiency.

At the technical level, the solution consists of a set of services developed on IBM WebSphere that integrate the system Oracle Siebel CRM with the HR System (TIM).

Regarding execution, one of the main challenges of the project was to move the date of deployment in production ahead, due to changes in the bank’s priority. Given this situation, the planning of the project and the allocation of resources were recalculated by applying the “Fast Tracking” model. Thus, the schedule was compressed through the parallelization of tasks with collaboration among the teams, minimizing dependencies through preliminary design agreements.


The integration of these systems allows for an improvement in the efficiency of operational areas that manage the novelties of the template, achieving:

  • An automatization of the human resources management processes.
  • An improvement in the efficiency of the updates processing areas.
  • A guarantee of the synchronization of updates between systems, and therefore the effectiveness in their processing.
  • An integral service approach to the Bank’s internal clients.