Improved web navigation and UX. Corporate site migration to LiferayFCC technology

Initial situation

FCC and its new digital platform

FCC Group, a world leader in citizen services, with a presence in more than 25 countries and with more than 100 years of history, had decided to update their corporate site ecosystems to improve the benefits that these offered.

In the beginning, FCC had different websites built in static HTML or with customized developments that did not meet the needs demanded by the company. The key to the project was the construction of a framework of common  reusable components between the websites, so they decided to migrate all sites to the  Liferay corporate platform.


  • New Features
  • Technical unification
  • Efficiency
  • Moderate costs
  • Agile and simple contribution

The operation and maintenance of content has been simplified, improving usability and image.

What have we achieved?

More than 50 websites developed and growing…

  • Homogenization of the sites: the new platform facilitates the unification of the management and look & feel of the different FCC sites.
  • Management improvement: 25% increase in the number of pages managed and a wide range of new features.
  • Performance improvement: faster access and an increase in user satisfaction.
  • Cost reduction: savings of 50% in infrastructure by reducing dedicated server resources.

Future plans

Once the project is consolidated, the following steps are next.

FCC has ambitious future plans with this new web platform. In particular, the entity foresees the creation of new web sites to extend the resources already available to new businesses and services in the international field. And they are also analyzing various projects related to mobility that will allow for the offline management of certain processes and  services from the intranet, as well as the integration with other resources and applications.