Web Portal and Mobile App for its 47,000 Alumni business school of the University of Navarral


IESE, the School of Business Management of the University of Navarra, has a history of more than 50 years and, since then, it has not stopped growing. The entity has a presence in numerous cities around the world, such as Munich, Warsaw, Sau Paulo or New York, as well as collaborations with schools in various countries of Africa, being an international benchmark at the business level and in the business world.

The main objective of the organization was updating its online presence to give a more current image that would also improve access to its content and services, so that collaboration could be encouraged. To meet these objectives, IESE decided to renew their Alumni Portal in 2016. In addition to the renovation of the Portal, one of the main objectives of the project was to have a private access App for the 47,000 IESE Alumni.

During the development of the project, IESE compared different technologies, finally choosing Liferay. The portals and user management features, the high capacity of content management, its adaptability, as well as the possibilities offered by its marketplace of components, were decisive qualities during the decision making process.

VASS carried out the implementation in just 8 months, including the integration of IESE’s the back office systems with the new web platform and Mobile App.

After the implementation, IESE now has a modern and functional web portal, as well as an innovative App that transforms communication between the business school and its Alumni, which is now more active, personalized and collaborative.

For the project, IESE has connected the Liferay platform with different corporate and external systems through the use of Web Services or Web APIs. The new App, meanwhile, streamlines access to content and portal services and provides better communication between all parties with content adapted to the needs of the user; updated information on academic contents, continuous education and events, while encouraging networking to connect with other Alumni.

Based on Liferay technology, IESE has managed to project the image of modernity and innovation it sought to achieve the objectives set. Thus, the image of IESE Alumni has been significantly improved, web traffic has been increased and the expectations regarding the number of downloads of the App have been exceeded.

The extension to Smartwatch devices is another advantage that allows the management of notifications and calendar to be informed in real time. Actually, it is the 47,000 Alumni and employer companies that are benefiting from the new platform. The objective is to develop new “digital experiences” for each audience with customized features according to their roles.

The entity assumed a process of digital transformation with this project, with which they sought to offer greater value to its members. Thanks to the functionalities of the new platform, IESE has the possibility to know these users better, offer them contents of interest and help them strengthen their contact networks.

Internally, the new platform also stands out thanks to how easy it is to manage its contents. The editors of the different websites have much more autonomy and independence with respect to the IT department. This has brought collateral benefits such as improved productivity and communication, which in turn has resulted in increased activity in the events scheduled for the Alumni, which makes it clear that the platform is fulfilling the purposes effectively.