LifeWorks y WorkAngel

Web platform fusion. Redesign and fusion of two web platforms with the Hippo CMS technology project


With the merger of LifeWorks and WorkAngel, the need arose to combine their platforms before the creation of the new brand. LifeWorks and WorkAngel were looking for a company with the right experience and expertise, which could also place employees on site to work with the system design and maintenance team.

The complexity of the project lay in the limited time available to merge the large number of employee welfare and welfare services, social recognition, reward tools and employee analysis that belonged to the two companies into a single Mobile First platform.


The redesign of the Frontend and the integration of the platform of LifeWorks with that of WorkAngel was made with Hippo Technologies technology under our Agile and Flexible methodology to get the project finished on time and within budget.

VASSIT worked with Hippo on this project to uniquely meet the needs of LifeWorks. The existing WorkAngel system, based on Hipo CMS, was used as the basis for the new platform. The Hippo CMS solution was very suitable for the project requirements due to its powerful multi-channel and multi-device tools. Despite this, the existing platform needed a great development to integrate LifeWorks resources.

This project had a very short delivery margin, only 12 weeks. VASSIT was able to place 5 of its Hippo experts on site in less than 15 days from the first contact. These employees worked full-time full with support from the teams in the offices of Spain and United Kingdom. The experts used the best VASS resources to ensure the success of the project.


VASSIT, Hippo, and LifeWorks worked together to implement the Improved CMS, a completely new system architecture, and a redesigned frontend.

The benefits that were obtained with the completion of this project were:

  • An unbeatable user experience and technology at the level of industry leaders.
  • A leading platform in the sector.
  • Mobile First delivery.
  • Very personalized and directed content.
  • Personalization of multi-channel and multi-device content.
  • Use and support in real time.
  • Fluid integration.