ove digital communication. Implement the new Repsol corporate Intranet

Initial situation

Repsol and its digital transformation Repsol, a Spanish energy and petrochemical multinational company founded in October 1987, with a workforce of more than 20,000 workers worldwide, was immersed in a large project to improve their digital community. The multinational had a corporate intranet for all internal communication.

This platform had been in operation for several years, so it had certain limitations when it comes to meeting the company’s new needs. The company initiated a project to globally improve and update of their intranet, to streamline content contribution, with new features oriented to more collaborative aspects and corporate social media.


  • User-centered
  • Operational
  • Brand Image
  • Collaboration
  • Integrated
  • Governed

The Intranet must be a tool for communication, collaboration and productivity improvement.


The project was executed with the collaboration of several companies led by VASS

At the technical level, the development of the intranet is carried out with technologies based on Tridion and.NET, which allows for an easy integration with other applications whose maintenance is the responsibility of other providers.

Under an agile framework, we work on three development blocks of common functionalities:

  • Block 1: basic structure of the intranet, definition of security, content management, master pages.
  • Block 2: collaboration space, social network, integration with its applications (reservation of space, stock market values, signage, etc.).
  • Block 3: module of surveys, management of contests and highlights of contents.

Managing the project has been a great challenge since it operates with a multidisciplinary team formed by more than 25 people, organized into 5 development teams that included profiles of Tridion,.NET, front and QA programmer, and with a Cross team of management, training, support and change management.

What have we achieved?

The only Spanish intranet that ranks among the top ten in the world

The new platform now has a hundred functionalities that allow employees of the multinational to work with a tool that combines the content part with the collaborative part. This has allowed them to achieve greater productivity by applying the “employee engagement” which combines commitment and bonding of the employees with the company.

Among the functional improvements of the new platform, we also have:

  • Custom contents with comments and ratings from the community
  • Improvement in analytics and notifications of communications
  • New participation and contribution tools of contents from different areas
  • More comprehensive employee cards and scorecards for the analytics of the content and use of the intranet