Unidad Editorial

Innovation and quality in the customer service experience. RightNow implementation project, Oracle Service Cloud tool




To move the Customer Service system towards a new service, the Call Center must transform into a multi-channel Contact Center with a single input channel.


Unidad Editorial had several systems to manage its two main lines of business (Paper and Digital subscribers). Each line operated separately at different times, which means that various tools are handled inside the house:

  • SAP CRM, corporate digital customer relationship management system
  • MS Dynamics CRM, a system where part of the sales and customer service processes are performed.
  • Incident resolution systems, internal and external
  • Query applications
  • Telephone service system for call routing


Implementing the Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) tool as a communication management tool for the Customer Service area of ​​Unidad Editorial.  This solution makes it possible to combine Web, Contact Center and social media experiences in a unified way thanks to the services in the Cloud different solution channels.

Initially, the project was proposed as a single phase, but due to internal dependencies and in an effort to facilitate the Call Center agents’ transition, the implementation was divided into two phases.

In the first part of the project, the objective was to implement the basic functionality of the tool and its adoption by the agents. All RightNow functionalities were fully deployed during the second phase.

The project was carried out under the Agile methodology that guaranteed the quality, flexibility and efficiency of the entire implementation.


With the implementation of this tool, the Unidad Editorial has managed to:

  • Transform their Call Center into a multi-channel Contact Center:
    • By reducing and unifying the applications used by call center agents to a single “RightNow” application.
    • Turning agents into multi-skilled resources capable of answering calls, answering emails and having chat conversations.
    • Provide measurement tools for indicators, such as reports and dashboards, that allow for an improvement in the service provided.
  • Establish Rightnow as the only incident or customers’ service requests entry channel in the Unidad Editorial systems, offering the best experience whenever, wherever and however customers want.

Recently, the company received the VII Platinum Contact Center Awards, which recognizes quality in customer experience and technological innovation for Call Centers.