Vodafone chooses VASSIT to improve user experience and personalisation across their B2B websites

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Vodafone hardly needs an introduction. Headquartered in the UK, Vodafone Group is the second largest mobile operator in the world, providing telecoms and IT services to corporate clients in some 150 countries worldwide.

Vodafone has a presence in everything from consumer and business telecoms to mobile health to money transfer services and global enterprise solutions.

In 2017, Vodafone’s business division approached us with a view to improving user experience (UX) and personalisation across all their global telecoms websites. They were keen to work with us, having been impressed by our long track record in delivering UX and personalisation projects.

Clare Frary, Digital Marketing Lead, explains, “VASSIT immediately stood out due to their track record. Their work on UX projects for businesses of a similar scale to ours really inspired confidence.”


With the focus on improving UX, navigation and personalisation, Vodafone needed a partner to help them understand how best to approach the problem. Our remit included:

  • Helping Vodafone understand UX and personalisation
  • Conducting an analysis of their existing site
  • Advising on how to get most from the CMS picked by Vodafone and the best approach to take towards the digital transformation
  • Putting together an actionable list of tasks for the development team
  • Providing feedback to development throughout production

In doing this, our aim was to improve the usability score of all Vodafone’s sites — which stood at C grade when we began — as well reducing the number of users leaving the site immediately after arriving on the business homepage. Additionally, we were asked to improve the search engine ranking of all sites for key terms.


Since the new sites have gone live, Vodafone have seen a remarkable upturn in the UX of their business websites, including:

  • All sites have been upgraded from grade C to grade A for usability
  • Dramatic improvement in both pages’ ranking for keywords
  • Prospects are now more likely to stay on the website. Previously the most popular journey for users was home > exit; following our recommendations, it’s now home > mobile comms.

Additionally, since Vodafone needed a site that could fully support all their national and international operations — regardless of the differences between them — we helped create a component framework to meet these global needs.

This framework was designed to stand the test of time, as well as allowing for the reuse of the site and the adaption of it to suit the needs of each region. We provided Vodafone with a common solution that is applicable across all territories, has the ability to grow with the business, and can adapt to each operation’s content requirements no matter how complex.

Clare told us, “the results have been impressive; not only has our usability score improved dramatically, we’re also ranking better for key SEO terms and, crucially, our customers are staying on the site for longer. We’re very happy with our engagement with VASSIT and the work they have carried out so far. We hope our relationship continues to grow and provide value to our digital transformation.

This was possible thanks to our experience in delivering complex, integrated web content management solutions and in helping businesses improve the UX of key digital assets. With our help, Vodafone were able to decide upon the most effective way to optimise their UX, as well as accurately estimate the cost and time of project delivery from the outset.

Throughout the project, we helped Vodafone understand the impact of changes and decisions, ensuring that the key aims of the project could be met without compromising the existing functionality of either website.