Our CSR plan, one of our objectives


VASS is committed to a sustainable future, which is why in the last 17 years it has integrated Corporate Social Responsibility as one of the fundamental pillars of the company and as a social growth strategy.

Grupo VASS is aware of the challenges posed by today’s society and committed to the United Nations Global Compact in its three areas: human and labor rights, the environment and sustainability and the fight against corruption. As a sign of its commitment to society, it allocates 2% of the profit to actions of solidary character and as a novelty, the employees will be able to allocate 1% of their working day to volunteer programs.


Since 2006, it has collaborated economically with international cooperation and/or social action projects launched by NGOs, associations or foundations, proposed by their workers.


The conciliation of work, family and personal life is one of the most important challenges of Spanish society at the beginning of the 21st century, and VASS takes part in this commitment. After over 10 years promoting conciliation and equality in all areas of the company, we have developed the “VASS Concilia” and “Somos Igual.es” programs in order to reinforce the internal culture, providing our team with tools that enable new forms of work, and allow them to combine work, family and personal life, as well as favor the integration and equal opportunities of socially disadvantaged groups.


The economic activity of VASS assumes a generation of wealth that is distributed in the entire society in the form of payment of wages, payment to suppliers, donations, taxes, reserves, endowments to the own company, etc. From an economic point of view, we work so that the advantages that CSR brings to business management will improve the company’s economic results in the future.

With this CSR plan, VASS aims to increase its commitment to society, with the help and active participation of the entire workforce.