The Energy Sector, Utilities & Environment is an area of special focus for the VASS Group. Since the beginning, we have focused on this market as one of the key areas for our business. Our historic knowledge of the sector and multiple projects that we have worked on have given us an important understanding of the sector that places us in a privileged position in the market.

The digital revolution or transformation is here to stay and companies that are unable to adapt to this new paradigm will assume a high opportunity cost. Renewable energies, distributed generation and intelligent networks require new capacities and are unchaining new commercial models and regulatory frameworks.

New energy paradigms constitute a challenge for large corporations.

  • Renewable energy will change both the generation as well as the distribution of energy, therefore deeming it necessary to define new models for business.
  • Distributed generation includes the client at up and midstream, and, modifies commercial models. To do so, smart networks are necessary that bring together our business and client data.
  • In the regulatory framework and an uncertain competition.
  • With a paradigm that has completely changed the experience of the client, it will be necessary to adapt quickly (Automation for predictive models, adapting automated marketing, digital marketing).

On the other hand, large Spanish construction groups, included in our Environment market, offer us with the possibility to participate in important environmental projects, such as:

  • Smart Infrastructures
  • New means of transportation
  • Efficient energy
  • Sustainable environment
  • Smart cities
  • Services for Senior Citizens

To do this, VASS makes use of four levers for transformation: searching for efficiencies, improving productivity, new business models and trying to offer visibility and control to the operations that we are carry out with the client each day along with their projects.