Industry is vital to the fabric of every country we operate in, making it a focal point for our services. With digital transformation well underway in many sectors, we help businesses remain competitive in a changing industrial landscape.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer, or something else entirely, we’ll show you how to make the changes to your processes, technology, and customer experience needed to stay ahead of the pack.

We can help with:

  • Digital Strategy. We’re experts in understanding your clients’ needs and designing customer journeys to fit them. With our strategies, you’ll develop customer experiences that deliver a ‘wow’ factor and turn prospects into purchasers.
  • Innovation. Whether it’s chatbots, GDPR or blockchain, assessing the value of adapting your business to the latest developments can be tough. We’ll help you understand the benefits and pitfalls of new technology, as well as how best to apply it your industry
  • Full Commerce. With VDshop —VASS Group’s eCommerce specialists — we provide full-service eCommerce solutions. If you’re an online business or online platform seller, get everything you need to source stock, sell, and ship your products from a single source.
  • Employee Xperience. The way your employees interact with digital infrastructure and tools is crucial to staff performance, retention, and wellbeing. Our EX services create an engaging environment for your employees, boosting productivity as a result.
  • Applications. Accelerate your IT with ‘always on’ cloud platforms that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device, alongside tools for automating sluggish manual processes.
  • Technology and Cloud. We’ll advise you on the best cloud technology options for your organisation and implement them. Not only ensuring cost-effectiveness and performance, but also safeguarding sustainability and scalability in the long-term.
  •  Security. In addition to prevention, we also help your organisation put in place processes to recover from cyber-attacks — ensuring your infrastructure is resilient as well as secure.
  • Efficient production. Our lean operational model VASSXtreme focuses on achieving minimum viable products. Applied to your business, our methodologies speed up production, service times and project delivery.