Innovation Depot

Accelerating digital business as a result of our innovation

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A support mechanism for VASS entrepreneurs­ and companies is its “Innovation Depot”. This is a program that provides an ideal working area that is integrated into the company’s digital departments and can also be used for product­ and service presentations to potential customers or investors. “This environment allows creativity to flow, knowledge and ideas to be exchanged, in addition to providing methodological and technical support.

We are providing support to various startups, to the extent they require, using the numerous capabilities of VASS. These cover strategy and business model definition, through to presentations to potential customers. They use all our technological skills to help and advise these startups with optimal solutions that meet all their requirements.

VASS perfectly understands the problems faced by startups on a daily basis. This program enables us to advise them, and offer our experience and market knowledge to effectively add value to their solutions in order to achieve success.



We have several agreements with companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, SendGrid. They offer investments in cloud services, hosting services, processing capacity, emailing services, etc., completely free of charge for those startups incubated or accelerated by VASS.

The innovative ideas generated by Group employees at VASS, NATEEVO Serbatic and vdShop using Innovation Depot are enabling us to work on new initiatives that encourage internal innovation and creativity, with the aim of generating a global culture where we can all add value for our customers.