Insurance companies face three new circumstances that are changing the risks for those that are insured and the products being sold by the industry: the aging population, climate change and cyber-security.

The aging population requires new products in the life insurance and health insurance areas. New products that guarantee a level and quality of life for a longer period of time. Climate change  is increasing the number of natural disasters and the need for insurance products that cover the consequences of possible catastrophic natural events.  Lastly, economic losses from cyber-crime will be multiplying, surpassing 6 billion dollars in 2021, compared to 450,000 million in 2016.

Along with an increasing volume of available data and a reduction of data transaction costs, these variables call for a  more personalised business opportunity and products for a more demanding, more digitally-inclined client.

The VASS Group, through its various companies such as VASS, Nateevo, Serbatic and vdSHOP, offers various end-to-end solutions that include online marketing, multi-channel attraction of new clients, outsourcing marketplaces, creating innovative products and services, subscriptions and digital on-boarding, efficient problem management and developing insurer loyalty. All of this is supported by our new Regulatory & Compliance area that guarantees compliance with regulations for Solvency II, IFRS and IDD.

The insurance sector is changing and VASS works with companies on their transformation. We help our clients be more approachable, efficient and flexible to support high impact insurance solutions that are concrete and simple.