Customer Experience (CX)

Customer experience (CX) can make or break a business. From their very first encounter, a customer’s every interaction with you will shape their overall impression of your brand.


User Experience (UX) focuses on how users of a product, be that a website or other digital asset such as software or an app, interact with that product. And UX optimisation is constrained to the product. 

Customer experience is broader in scope – the sum of every experience customers have with your brand, across every touchpoint, and the overall impression they develop. 

When you optimise CX, the aim is to pre-empt and design each interaction to ensure that expectations are always met and, ideally, exceeded at every point of the customer’s journey.


For a consistent and effective customer experience, you need to make smart choices about the software and systems that you use and empower your staff to examine every customer interaction. The right CX stack can help you gain and retain customers as well as allowing your employees to work more efficiently and effectively.

VASSIT can help you choose the optimal CX stack for your business and your customers. We can take care of the implementation process for you, whether you’d like us to work with you on-site or remotely. We are happy to integrate new processes and technology with your existing systems or to help you pick and implement new ones if needed.

Customer journey mapping is a great way to understand the entire customer journey and gain new insights into your customers’ needs and behaviour. We can run this process for you or empower you to roll it out yourself.


Our qualified technology consulting team boasts state-of-the-art expertise in customer experience and can assist you in ensuring you are enticing customers, not inadvertently turning them away.

Our areas of CX expertise include: