Insignio - Contract Management Software

Traditionally contract signing results in multiple meetings, continuous upkeep and endless paper trails.

Insignio is the mobile digital contracting and signature solution for the Financial Services industry that removes these inefficiencies. It uses secure technology to enable fast, efficient and legally binding contract signing, to reduce costs, improve productivity and drive your sales conversions.

Legally binding signature technology

Insignio uses advanced and legally binding signature technology which has been audited and assigned the Seal of Confidence by the European Agency of Digital trust.

Fraud Mitigation

Prior to contracting, Insignio captures and validates your client’s ID documents to assess accuracy and compliance, greatly reducing risk of identity fraud so you can trade with confidence.

Automatic contract generation

Once your sales person has recorded the components of a contract, Insignio utilises your business rules to automatically generate a bespoke contract.

Easy document editing

Through Insignio's electronic form filling, signatories can easily amend, add or update data directly into documents, ensuring information is accurate prior to signing.

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Category: Accelerators
Date: 11 Aug 2015