4RStudent Student Experience

Digital transformation for education institutions

To adapt to the changes in student expectations of universities and colleges, you need to deliver superior customer experiences (CX). Your recruitment and retention strategies must recognise students as customers if you are to be competitive in today’s higher education market.

4RStudent is a custom-built accelerator for the education sector, designed to help universities implement digital strategies and create distinguished student experiences. It utilises data to provide students, potential students and staff, with contextual information, aimed at improving student recruitment and retention, and institution ranking and referrals.

We create bespoke systems that are entirely tailored to the needs and users of education institutions. 4RStudent can be implemented on top of your bespoke IT infrastructure to provide your institution’s students, prospects and staff with a range of features.

Powerful Personalisation

4RStudent allows you to serve users with personalised web content. Your website will become responsive to factors such as search terms used by visitors and student profile attributes, to provide dynamic content, for instance, targeted courses, recommended extra-curriculum activities and recent marks.

Complete Integration

4RStudent integrates with different systems to create unique experiences for students. It pulls data from job sites to dynamically provide students with suggested jobs based on courses they select, and it extracts data from social media channels to calculate a ‘sentiment score’ for individual courses.

Our solution also integrates with your existing IT infrastructure, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Advanced filtering

Through Smart Sort, users can view courses based on a wide range of criteria, imported from internal and external data sources, to find courses that match their preferences.

Reporting and analysis tools

Real-time analytics tools are built into 4RStudent, so you can create campaigns that are driven by actual user behaviour. It also generates custom reports using student profiles to direct your campaign targeting.