To succeed in the digital era, your telco or media business needs to embrace flexibility and innovation. This goes beyond organisational culture; to truly stand-out, you should also be looking to reduce project timeframes and accelerate the delivery of client services.

This is where we come in. The VASS Group business model and methodologies — such as VASSXtreme — give us the tools to help you get the most from technology and offer a working model that adapts to the changing needs of your business.

If you’re a media company, this often means advising you on how best to monetise your digital content. Finding the best way to appeal to your readers and add value to your non-digital content isn’t easy. However, with data science, our NBT tool, and predictive modelling, you’ll be able to identify the most appealing content for your market.

For our telco clients, things are often more complex still. As a telco business, you likely have a web of infrastructure in which applications with different languages, systems and platforms coexist. So, at the heart of our offering is our expertise in finding ways to improve processes and accelerate time-to-market across all of them.

We’ll help you harness methodologies such as DevOps and APIfication and dramatically improve the performance of your IT department, as well as the end service your clients receive.

Regardless of whether you’re a media or a telco business, working with VASS means better internal processes, content that connects with your clients, and a leaner, more effective business model.