What is happening at my company? What are people saying about me? How can I improve my sales? How can I reduce costs and optimise my resources?


Capture, organise, analyse and present all the information in enough time, strengthen the knowledge of companies to improve and reduce operational costs. In our increasingly digital world, where information about companies is distributed on multiple platforms, not only enclosed in the environment of our business, but on the web, social networks, etc., it is essential to be able to organise all of this information in such a way that it can be analysed and therefore help within the process of making decisions.

At VASS we have a multi-disciplinary team that deals with the various aspects that includes all analytic solutions:

  • Definition, along with companies, of the best strategy for business intelligence as well as advising for the best solutions according to every need.
  • Diagnostics for already developed platforms for clients to optimise their processes.
  • Through the various sources of information (files, datamarts, datawarehouses, etc.), creating performance reports, reports, etc. which allow you to:
    • Measure the performance of a business objective
    • See reports with multiples measurements and dimensions that are relevant for the business
    • Quantitative analysis of information through predictive models and searching for patterns in behaviour
    • Data Discovery
    • The analysis of both structured and non-structured data
    • Compare business information with public information on social networks and the web to accelerate decision-making.