Big Data

Internet, sensores, transacciones, dispositivos y redes sociales generan gran cantidad de datos de diferentes tipos que deben ser analizados para extraer nuevo valor al negocio y poder ofrecer un servicio de calidad a los clientes.


Big data offers a new view for business intelligence, with a new generation of technologies and architectures designed to extract the economic value of huge amounts of mixed data, making it possible to capture, identify and/or analyse it at high speed. This means a transformation on two levels:

  • BI:It improves access to information and its processing, making it possible to exploit data that was previously considered unusable and provide a new value to the business using other financially accessible technologies.
  • Business:It improves intelligence about clients, products and processes, allowing you to offer an improved service and  enabling new business models.

At VASS we specialise in providing adapted solutions that obtain the highest result with the tools available. We offer a range of services that can be acquired independently or together and have the objective of:

  • Developing business solutionsthat clients require for each specific use of Big Data.
  • Design the necessary architecture
  • Implement the software/hardware infrastructure.