Nowadays, business needs require faster, better quality deliveries guaranteed by high levels of service.


The challenges that companies face today have changed and now require greater agility, flexibility and shorter delivery times for their services, which make them stand out from the competition and create loyalty with more demanding clients. But we cannot forget that the final objective is to offer clients the best user experience with our services. The application of best practices with DevOps contributes to reaching these objectives, but at times it misses a fundamental piece which has always been complicated: business.

The BizDevOps methodology from VASS is the Management of Operations and Production from the point of view of the availability of the end user. To improve the level of satisfaction for the end user (represented in the areas of business for our company), it is necessary to standardise and create procedures for setting up and running the services. To achieve this VASS applies a method that considers three different inputs and whose application to the process results in great improvements in Client satisfaction. It aims to expand the view of DevOps to include the management of the business as part of the essential process (BIZ-DEV-OPS):

BIZ: Business needs. The appropriate management of these will ensure they are suited and adapted to the requirements of “operability” for the application in production.

DEV: Input of changes. Controlling correctives and changes, standardising them and normalising deliveries, and anticipating possible problems that arise from them.

OPS: Input of incidents and problems. Making the corrective management of incidents and problems, coordinating the groups involved, carrying out a casual and predictive/anticipative analysis of incidents, focusing on service and also planning future measures to minimise these inputs.