Cloud Services

Business demand force companies to have greater flexibility, agility and cost control with the highest guarantees for security and service performance.


At present, companies require flexibility and speed that traditionally clashed with the complexity of their infrastructures, cost and supply times. In addition, many of these companies have competing needs due to seasonal demand and they require a model for managing their infrastructures so they can provide them immediately at a cost suited to the use.

Vass cloud services are designed for companies to have resources available on demand, flexibility, agility and greater cost control and infrastructures on the pay for use model. The offer of VASS includes classic models of management such as: Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Compute Cloud, but above all it offers adaptation to new needs by combining cloud areas and on-site scenarios by implementing Cloud Hybrid solutions with a unified, homogeneous management with the same level of service.

Cloud services at VASS are grouped based on different management solutions, all of them fall under the same service, which are:

  • Cloud services:private cloud, public cloud, compute cloud and hybrid cloud
  • Network services:services managed over the network, external VPN connectivity, Internet connection.
  • Infrastructure as a service and datacentre services
  • Application solutions and business services:operation and use of applications, managing performance of applications, etc.