Data Discovery

The business user as the protagonist


Companies increasingly need to complete their static reports with tools for analysis, just as business users need ever more “self-supply”, with less independence from IT staff and that allows them to respond quickly when business situations call for it. There is no one better than the user to understand what is happening, where to look, how certain information can affect them, etc. Data Discovery tries to solve any breech between business intelligence applications and users.

VASS is an expert in creating applications that solve the needs of today’s businesses:

  • Consolidating information from multiple sources to offer a complete image for business users
  • Searching through all information,directly and indirectly
  • Focusing on information securityand the supply of applications, controlling and managing information and maintaining systems
  • Eliminating daily taskssuch as creating and updating reports, modifying requests and building cubes
  • Creating and using a wide variety of visualisationsand modifying them on the fly
  • Visualising information with attractive and technologically advanced graphics, which are highly interactive
  • Speeding up the processes for creating reportswith a successful model of self-service discovery, providing the business user with the necessary tools to be able to give rapid responses to unexpected questions.