Making business agile to guarantee operations


Efficient and secure growth requires new, fast and flexible systems that ensure the full integration of areas for business, development and operation. Prioritising times, understanding risks and guaranteeing the time to market have always been difficult to do.

DevOps solves problems such as the Delivery process, Business automation, QA such as the installation filter, managing calendars and the complete Traceability of the process, which allows companies to move toward the implementation of processes for continuous delivery and deployment with notable benefits for the organisation.

As leaders in DevOps and experts in IT governance, we have a different view for the application of DEVOPS in companies. Through the DevOps 360 º view, implementation not only focuses on the life cycle for development, or on the implementation of a group of tools, but besides the above, it is a complete method that covers from the managing of business needs up to service delivery and measuring the user experience. To do this VASS relies on notable distinguishing elements:

  • proven method for implementation
  • Solutions based on emerging technologies and market leaders
  • Experience in BizDevOps projects
  • Wide and Expert Technical Team
  • Greatreferences