Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the application of strategies to promote or commercialise products and services through digital media.


Today the digital market is a reality that companies should face and manage in the best possible way for the success of their business. They inevitably need to control this environmentand this is why it is important to have a digital strategy that helps companies to not only reach their objectives, but to understand every aspect of their on-line market.

Digital marketing offers unlimited advantages for companies that decide to develop this, including real time measuring of results from employee actions, it also offers a high capacity to analyse and track the behaviour of the user/client, while on the other hand it allows you to launch campaigns for objective or very segmented target markets and lastly, it allows you to know the ROI of every action and focus on investing based on objective information for the profitability of every channel.

At VASS we have a group of experts and digital experience in various sectors. Our team analyses the business and based on this it creates the most appropriate strategy by using a wide range of digital marketing techniques:

  • Digital Branding, on-line reputation and content marketing.
  • Social Media:Social Media Optimisation (SMO)
  • SEO/SEM:search engine optimisation and search engine marketing in Google (search promotion, re-marketing and web page banners)
  • Inbound Marketing, automation for campaigns and development of Landing Pages
  • E-commerce: development of on-line stores
  • DB:e-mailing, monetising databases, permission marketing