Digital Strategy

The digital ecosystem is changing constantly with new opportunities, players, contact points for clients and business models appearing.


Within this digital landscape, clients demand innovative experiences along with products and services that make them feel special and that solve real problems. Only by understanding the business, the market, the most human aspect of clients and the possibilities and innovations in the environment of technology can we can design these experiences and this path to follow to achieve a competitive advantage.

Apart from clients and business objectives, employees and retaining talent are more important every day. That is why you must apply the same principles to achieve experiences in the internal world of companies, creating connected experiences that help the employee’s movement the organisation be one of retention and attracting talent.

At VASS we help configure this digital strategy from the initial stages of creating the idea up to its implementation. We cover all of the necessary steps so that the experience is integrated, desirable, profitable and technical viable. The objective: innovate in the experience that helps to retain clients, attracting new ones and having a service that marks the difference.

Within our innovation and digital transformation projects we use the methodology created by IDEO, which analyses problems to be solved in the world of design in a holistic manner, analysing the human, economic and technological factors, providing order to the creative and innovative process.

In this way, our main lines for work focus on:

  • Investigating the competition, tendencies in the sector, the market, tendencies in customer experience, etc.
  • Co-creationwith employees, clients and associates to understand the needs of every type of profile.
  • Understanding our clients’ business, analysing each of the details included within.
  • Definition of the bases of the digital strategyand the model for governing it along with the specific actions to be completed
  • Definition of aspirational models, based on the design of products and services.