Document Management

Companies know the documentation they manage must be available at any time and from anywhere.


Regardless of whether the document comes from a paper invoice or a file attached to an email, it needs to be classified and easily located electronically to make your business processes rapid and simple.

As consumers of data, with more and more universal access to information, we have become users who need to be always connected, with access at all times to documentsThe conversion of documents into data with search and editing options, optical recognition and mobile scanning are the latest needs that the market is demanding. The challenge is to achieve an optimal management of the documentation to cover the needs that are arising.

Document Management is understood as the set of technical norms and practices used to:

  • Manage the flow of documents of any type
  • Enable information retrieval
  • Determine how long documents should be saved
  • Eliminate those that are no longer necessary
  • Ensure the indefinite preservation of the most valuable documents

All this applying principles of rationalization and economy.

In VASS we cover the entire life cycle of the document, providing complete and adapted solutions for each of our clients:

  • PAPERLESS:Implementation of Document Management Systems to automate the processing of information and documents, thus allowing the centralization of information, an increase in productivity and efficiency with a consequent reduction in costs.
  • STRATEGIC CONSULTANCY:With solutions related to the complete life cycle of the documents of the companies that allow a more efficient management of resources, the traceability of the documentation, aligning the results with the needs of the client and the company, reducing the volume of physical documentation and tasks that do not add value.
  • BPO DIGITALIZATION AND DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT:Highly flexible digitalization processes cloud, with the design of business processes adapted to requirements, fast start-up, a scalable repository and payment for use.