In a world where content consumption is digital, its management and control through different channels is crucial. Partners with major producers, we study every case for technology and functionality to offer the best solution for each client.


We are digital natives. Technology and electronic devices occupy a central place in our lives, changing the way we communicate and learn and, ultimately, our vision of the world. To respond to such a changing environment, companies rely on solutions such as ECM.

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) is a concept that integrates technological solutions beyond the simple management of the contents of companies. It facilitates internal and external communication, digital asset management, collaboration, complex operations …

At VASS we have extensive experience in ECM initiatives. We are backed by more than 15 years defining initiatives that, based on a solid digital strategy, have allowed our customers to digitize, update and expand their information channels. In this way we have specialized in solutions:

  • That allow them to share corporate information, news, campaign launches, product marketing.
  • To manage private information at the business or professional level.
  • For collaboration with work tools, training and that enable the decision making.
  • For monitoring efficiency and professional productivity, integrations with BackOffice systems or with other applications.

We also define and implement global solutions that serve as a service tool for multiple channels:.

  • Intended be implemented as adaptive solutions so they can be accessed from any device (Responsive Design).
  • With personalization or adaptation if the out of the box solution is not enough.
  • With intuitive self-management, so that users (managers or administrators) have independence from complex processes of deployment.
  • In cloud mode if necessary to facilitate the management and operation after deployment