Online sales is already a reality. eCommerce solutions that offer personalisation, cross sales and integration with analytical systems, logistics or off-line channels have become vital for reaching sales objectives.


Sales over the internet is almost a commodity today, but very few processes are implemented successfully. The process of on-line sales involves many areas and process for the company which is why the correct coordination and integration of all the systems involved in the cycle of the sale or service, as well as the analysis of the business model and its areas and teams, is the decisive success factor for ecommerce models along with the knowledge of the end client.

In the area of eCommerce we understand the complete cycle of the sale through the Online channel and we work with our clients throughout the entire process, from the definition of the commercial strategy to the implementation of the most appropriate solution.

Starting with this perspective of serving the client and creating loyalty, our solutions help corporations to:

  • Capture:through bespoke business strategies, inBound Marketing, positioning, user expedience, personalisation, multi-channelling, AB testing, etc.
  • Sell: thanks to the simplicity of processes, we deploy the main payment gateways, new methods for payment, real continuity for processing in different channels, incentives for repurchasing, on-line attention, cross-selling/up-selling.
  • Serve:click2Chat / Click2Call, satisfaction surveys, virtual advisers, integration with different systems and providers, post-sale support and auto-management.
  • Empower: secure, coherent and persistent multi-channel experience, focusing the related information in the catalogue (PIM systems)

Our main areas for operation are focused on Telcos, Big Retailers and Pyme Retail. Implementing B2B, B2C, B2B2C using the leading tools on the market.