Transforming data into information and information into knowledge.


ETL/ELT processes are a fundamental part of the integration of information within companies which allow them to:

  • Access sources of heterogeneous information (DB, flat files, etc.).
  • Control and automatethe extraction of information
  • Greater scalability for processes to transform information.
  • Use of architecture metadata, making it easier to define the business objectives and rules for consolidation.
  • Plan loading processes for the integrated management of Data Warehouses and Data Marts.
  • Manageexceptions, logs, interfaces and schedulers from third-parties.
  • Develop and control processes through a graphic interface.
  • Reduce timesfor implementing solutions.

Our experience of more than 11 years in the ETL world allows us to provide adjusted solutions that obtain the greatest results from available tools.  At VASS we offer custom projects and adaptation to the needs of our clients, the implementation of these projects for factory models, closed projects, technical assistance or T&M and the analysis of the current situation and advice on the best tools for every ETL solution.

To provide the best service, we rely on a team of more than 30 people trained by expert consultants in ETL and certified in different technologies