Financial Services

Innovations and financial regulations have forced banks to reinvent themselves for this new digital era with new business models, in which their tools need to be permanently updated and where it is increasingly important to have standardised systems focused on globalisation and working in real time.


Immediate payments are the next challenge. Financial entities are required by Central Banks and clients to build this system otherwise it will be offered by non-financial providers. This new paradigm will make it easier to manage financing immediately and will need more powerful fraud detection systems.

This digital era affects providers, since they need to adapt to new technologies, creating new solutions that must be included in core banking activity.

All of these changes impact us day to day, and we have to adapt our projects to our priorities quickly for planning, offering synergies that make us competitive while we continue our functional and technical growth To cover the various opportunities we rely on a versatile team of “trade made” profiles centred on the knowledge of transversal tools and  profiles, with knowledge of Banking. At Financial Services we work with financing entities and large corporations that mange large amounts of capital. We provide simplified solutions that guarantee results, reduce business risk and have a moderate cost for the client:

  • Functional and Technical Consulting:We analyse the current situations of our clients and, based on new challenges from the market, we profile the strategy for growth and evolution and select the appropriate tools
  • Maintenance: We guarantee the operation of these tools, preventing errors and ensuring response times.
  • Implementation:we work with the most consolidated and innovative tools  in the market.
  • Migration: We have a team of experts with a vast knowledge of migration projects to the latest versions of the tools.
  • Improvements: Our team has vast experience in working with projects based on the strongest tools in the sector. This is how we are able to improve the functionality and their responses to meet the needs and requirements that our clients demand.

Our alliances and capacities are essential for the objective of helping our clients to innovate and transform their businesses.