Managed Services

Today IT departments have become service departments for companies. Team up with a highly specialised company to guarantee your levels of service.


Currently, the transformation of business service applications is a fact that is fully implemented in organisations. From personnel or supplier management, to the management of service portals by the organization to achieve its objectives, and where IT departments have become internal suppliers whose contract with the business is based on service levels.

Optimizing these services reduces costs and increases the value that these services bring to the company. Team up with companies specialized in the management of applications and platforms as a service is increasingly important and provides a distinctive value.

At VASS we offer application management both independently and unified with infrastructure management, security, monitoring management, etc. with a high degree of specialization and with a continuous adaptation approach..


The specialization of VASS for application management covers a wide range of technologies and a high degree of specialization in them: content managers (Oracle, IBM, Vignette, Liferay), document managers (Documentum, Livelink, InvesDOC), CRM (Siebel) , MS Dynamics), SOA and BPM Solutions (Tibco, Oracle OSB), content managers and portals (Oracle, IBM, Vignette Portal, BEA Portal, IBM Portal), business applications based on J2EE, .NET or others.. By optimizing the management of the applications, we achieve an improvement in the management of the business, always based on the ITIL recommendations for our process management.


In the same way that the development of the applications adapts to the new needs that arise daily in the companies, their management must be adapted as part of the full adaptation of the applications to those needs. Through analysis, capacity studies, monitoring, control and continuity of applications, these are continuously and recurrently adapted to business requirements.