Consistent data management can help with capturing and retaining clients, efficiency and cost reduction, integrating mergers and acquisitions, compliance with regulations and risks, duplicity and incoherent data.


Master Data Management is a group of processes and tools that consistently define and manage non-transactional information entities in an organisation. The goal is to compile, add, identify, ensure quality and persistence of information, distributing it uniformly in the context of a search for the master data, a single entry that serves as a reference for the entire company.

Data integration should play a fundamental role in organisations in their day to day operations. At VASS we help companies define, implement and optimise their strategies for master data in a way that:

  • Unifies the information in a single repository.
  • Centralizes updates to always keep information up to date, guaranteeing that it is reliable and clean.
  • This information complies with the rights and security standards for the organisation.
  • This information is always available to be used and presented for the entire organisation.

We achieve all of this working with the leading solutions in the market: