Outsourcing Mid-Market

Organisations increasingly need to focus on their business and not technology, and this is why IT has come to be a commodity within these companies.

Clients continuously need faster responses to their needs, which is why companies should adapt to changes as quickly as possible, focusing on covering the needs of the business and avoiding the complexity of technology. VASS takes on the responsibility of IT processes and communication with the business to obtain the best results as quickly as possible, thus guaranteeing requirements and keeping the technology up to date to cover all the needs of the business.

VASS offers its clients technological and business knowledge, taking responsibility for digital transformation processes, from internal process to managing IT Governance:

  • Digital: Digital strategy, Portals, Document Management, etc.
  • Business:ERP Processes, CRM, Business Intelligence and many other services focused on the business.
  • IT Governance:Managed services, infrastructures, communications among others.