SAP HANA offers technological and business challenges for organisations that currently have SAP solutions implemented and will allow them to adapt and evolve in the new era of “Digital Business”.

SAP S/4 HANA (ERP and Digital Core)

  • We need to make good decisions quickly. We need to embrace market trends.
    • We work with Data to obtain Information that allows us to develop Business Intelligence.
  • Do we manage the process, or does the process manage us?
    • We work on the Process to make it Simple, Usable and Flexible, where our clients are in control of it, in organisations of multi-disciplinary teams aligned to the product and/or service. Always preparing ourselves for new Business Models.

SAP C/4 HANA (Hybris)

  • The power lies with the Consumer, who searches for the best with the greatest flexibility.
    • We work at every point of contact with the Consumer during the entire trajectory, redefining and creating loyal consumers for our clients.
    • We work on the entire process: Marketing, Commercial, Sales, Services and Income.

Tech & Cloud

  • New business models, disruption, decreasing entry barriers go hand in hand with the cloud and other emerging technologies. It is critical for organisations to explore and adopt flexibility and speed that will allow them to compete, endure and continue as leaders. In this way, technology becomes a way to achieve the best business objectives, adapting and adopting new technologies and integrating them simply with traditional methods along with new cloud-based process models. We work with SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA, Big Data, Blockchain as well as on Managing Information,, and on the integration and infrastructure of applications.