Today, the reputation of your brand guarantees greater trust in your business, prevent risks by adding the maximum robustness to your services.


Organizations are in the midst of a great transformation to adapt to new business models that require them to be more flexible and offer a quick response to changing needs. But faced with this need for flexibility, agility and speed, companies can not forget the security risks that affect their business or the consequences of non-compliance that can compromise both their image and their positioning in the market.

The Security and Corporate Intelligence Business Unit of the VASS Group (SecuVASS) is responsible for accompanying our clients in the process of analysing and managing risks that affect the business and the information systems that support them. SecuVASS offers solutions in the following areas for a complete coverage of the security needs of our clients:

  • VASS-GRC: Corporate Risk Management Area
  • VASS-HACK:Technical Audit and Ethical Hacking Area
  • VASS-SOC:Security Operation Centre
  • VASS-IDM:Identity management area of ​​VASS

The area of ​​Corporate Risk Management performs the functions of Security Consulting, Audit, Certification Support and Generation of the Regulatory Body, which are specified in Security Master Plans according to ISO / IEC 27001, Business Continuity Plans (BCP and DRP) , Protection of Personal Data, National Scheme of Security and Protection of Critical Infrastructures.

The Technical Audit and Ethical Hacking area performs security audits of the white box network according to the OSSTMM methodology and security audits of web, mobile and static code applications, according to the OWASP methodology.

The Security Operation Centre constitutes the centre of deployment and support of countermeasures based on security systems products of the leading manufacturers on the market; including firewalls, IPSec and VPN virtual private networks, anti-virus gateways, post and DLP, incident management platforms, system monitoring, etc. It performs preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance on the supported platforms and enables the full security support processes of the client to scale up on a wide spectrum that covers from the basic maintenance support, to the complete Outsourcing of the Client Security function.

The identity management area of ​​VASS, allows the identification, authentication and authorization needs for access of the user groups to the resources. This includes Single Sign On solutions for the Desktop, WebSingle Sign On, Virtual Directories, meta-directories, Identity federation, certificate life cycle management projects based on PKI, key protection under HSM teams and strong authentication platforms based on tokens One-time OTP, etc.