Integrating human interaction with applications, monitoring business processes and measuring results are all essential for organisations to establish mechanisms for continued improvement.


Today all companies areinvolved in projects for the implementation of websites, data repositories, backends, collaborative systems, JEE, .NET, databases, etc. in such a way that they manage dozens of systems with multiple languages ​​that make business architectures into complex ecosystems difficult to integrate and govern.

Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) are a means of capturing principles, guides and techniques that provide a model for the development of applications within an architecture that affects all the business areas of an organization, standardizing services within a specific functional framework.

In order to define the models associated with services, a thorough knowledge of the rules and principles of each company’s business is required. This is one of the main values ​​of the SOA architecture team of VASS. When we develop processes and services we guarantee an orderly and coherent business architecture, thus achieving cost savings, improvement in the analysis and design of the systems, and a high quality service both for consumption and for scalability and reuse.

Among our Integration services we offer:

  • Strategy and Market Technology Consulting on integration suites (ESB, CEP, Integration and Government SOA): The VASS team has more than 10 years of experience implementing the main SOA market solutions for large clients, usually advising and selecting the platform that best adapts to the needs of your organization.
  • Governance of Processes and Business Services: Deployment of technical offices for the analysis, design and establishment of good practices and methodology in business processes and services.
  • Implementation of Market Suites: Technological solutions that support the business based on the main technologies of the market.