The complexity of technological environments for systems and agility in development increase the need to incorporate SQA services from the initial phases of the project.


Achieving Digital Maturity for Businesses involves incorporating user satisfaction as a fundamental part of the QA objectives. To do this, we should understand and know their needs.

VASS SQA360º provides an assurance of quality for the end-to-end software (from making requirements to beginning production) through procedures of quality reviews, auditing processes, testing systems, monitoring, etc. In this way, we guarantee compliance with the expectations of users, ensuring complete traceability of functionality with technical implementation, optimised development and correct deployment.

Our services are modular, thus being able to offer complete or as packets of services, according to the needs of the client:

  • Quality offices:to ensure quality in the entire life cycle for projects through the definition and/or application of methodological and/or technical controls that guarantee compliance of the process and quality auditing of software and user experience.
  • Testing: definition and/or Execution of testing procedures (integration, functional, performance, automation), in various environments (HOST, web, mobile) to ensure that software is safeguarded from errors and satisfies the needs of the user.
  • Implementation and management of tools to support quality software: ALM, tools for automation of functional and/or performance tests, monitoring quality of end-to-end processes, managing demand, etc.
  • Monitoring business processes throughout the entire life cycle of the project, guaranteeing user satisfaction from the start of operation and performance of the processes