Web Analytics

Thanks to web analytics we are able to obtain information that helps us understand our potential clients and make more efficient marketing decisions.


Web analytics is performing a central role in organisations with a digital presence. The implementation of an analytics tool allows businesses to understand what digital marketing actions are most efficient, improve their strategy for positioning on the Internet, increase their client portfolio, optimise the design of their website, application, Intranet, etc. In addition, it allows them to understand, in real time, the financial return on all these marketing actions and decide which segments or individuals of the market are most profitable.

At VASS we offer services such as:

  • The implementation of web analytics tools
  • The definition of KPIS (ROI, ROE, ROS, TIR…)
  • SEO, SEM and SMO Analytics
  • Reports for information analysis, campaign performance, number of clicks for each commercial, the average cost, the position of the commercials and any requests coming from Adwords.
  • Development of Performance Reports
  • Determining segments, identifying niches of high profitability and star products.