The digital era requires companies, including Telco and Media and any other sector that may be considered, to be flexible to innovate in a world that changes at an alarming speed. This is not only applied to organisational culture, but also translates to the adoption of new methodologies to reduce project timeframes and accelerating the delivery of client services. This is why the VASS Group model, along with D3 in Nateevo and the VASS Xtreme capacities, are important tools that we use within our relationships with our clients to offer them a work model that adjusts to their needs.

In addition, and as a specific issue for each markets, in the case of Media, one of the largest lines of work is the  Monetisation of digital content model. You have to seek the best way to add value to the content that comes from the non-digital world and make the user be willing to pay for it. In this case, tech support would be Data Science, with the NBT tool, which allows you to identify, based on prior experience and predictive models, those proposals that are more likely to be interesting for the end user.

In the case of Telco, the complexity of these businesses, with a technological infrastructure in which applications with different languages, systems and platforms coexist, makes it necessary to search for technology solutions that make it easier to develop services and accelerate the Time To Market. In this case, technologies such as the Apification and the DevOps Tools (CLARIVE) are key elements for the process of improving the IT department. In addition, as a final technological reference, the use of containers will make it significantly easier to manage activities and environments. VASS is already collaborating with all of these aspects with Telco in Spain, and we continue working to make the implementation of these Technologies easier.

In both cases, the implementation of digital channels, integrated and multi-channel support, along with aspects of personalisation for DMP platforms, allows for the substantial improvement of the company-to-client relation model,, adjusting messages and offers in line with their profile.