VASS Research

TIC Monitor

VASS Research is a novel platform launched by VASS to study and develop innovation with which we want to place ourselves at the top of ICT research in Spain.

Our objective is, firstly, to collect information about the technological sector and analyze it to detect trends and, secondly, to disseminate it among ICT professionals and society in general to contribute to the present and future of our country.

With ‘VASS Research’ we not only want to lead technological research in Spain, but also become a reliable source and offer a real perspective with which to expand the range of possibilities offered by new technologies.

We want to promote the positive development of ICTs and set the path to improve the future with the publication of studies and in-depth analysis with which to make realistic and reliable estimates and predictions of employment and activity that could emerge in our country with the help of an effective digital transformation of Spanish companies.

One of our first initiatives is TIC MONITOR, a monthly barometer that will be published as of May measuring key trends in the technology consulting sector, which will facilitate the monitoring of the economic cycle in a key sector for the Spanish economy.

In this way, at VASS we will become a benchmark for ICT sector trends, providing an original and unprecedented perspective in relation to the evolution of business activity, employment and prospects, in the field of information technology and ICT, both in Spain and in the European Unio